December 30, 2013

I arrived yesterday disgusted, tired, wet, and extremely sweaty. After a long 3 days of traveling, I was one boat ride closer to the ‘magical beach’. After arriving to Haad Rin, following a very unpleasant speed boat ride from Samui, I now had to catch a boat to Haad Yuan. There was discussion with the boat boys about the price because I thought it was just a little much. After navigating through his very broken English, I understood. It was either pay the price or wait 2 hours for the next ferry. I paid the price and got ‘taken’ for the ride of my life!!
As we started passing Haad Yuan, I motioned for them to go there, and they shook their heads no, and pointed where they were going to drop me off. If it weren’t for my bags, I would have been overboard! Just drop me off here, I will swim the rest of the way! They dropped me off on another part of Koh Pha Ngan, which means I had to walk with my two heavy bags. This my friends is where the journey begins to go down and fast. So, this is not just some walk down the sidewalk and it’s on the left, type deal. There are no paved roads. No sidewalks.
One of the boat boys helped me get up these dreadful steps and pointed me in a direction. No English, just charades. Any other time I would’ve been up for it . Heck, I use it at work from time to time! But today, I wasn’t feeling it. As he dropped my bags, I knew this wasn’t going to be easy. I didn’t know where I was going but I had to take in this view! Breathtaking. Absolutely breathtaking. The awe was short lived. As I mounted my back pack, and picked up my roller luggage, I asked God to give me strength because I didn’t have any.
As I walked, looking very lost, more than one person stopped and offered help. It was they who had set me on the right path. “Yes! I see it all the way over there! Is that really where I have to go?” That was my response to one of the helpers. I then proceeded to tell him that it would be very cruel if he was playing with me! He assures me and I believed him.
Walking by the beach and restaurants I could feel people staring at me. I had on a jacket, two pieces of luggage, my sneakers were tied together around my bag, I was sweating like a stuck pig! I was a sight!! I could only imagine what they were thinking! At one point I couldn’t go any further! I stopped at an internet shop and couldn’t move. As I was sitting there Catherine called me and said she would come get me!
I hadn’t seen Catherine in person in over a year; I was so happy to see her face! I met her mate Lou who is very, very pleasant .
As I made it, with the help of Catherine and Lou, to Barcelona resort, I sat down and ordered a drink. Introductions were made and a couple of shots were taken by the birthday girl! Food was ordered but I think a little too late. My head goes down & I can’t move! I think I’m going to be sick!! Oh no! I haven’t been here a couple of hours and I’m about to make a lasting impression!!!
With the help of Catherine and my new found friend Cormac, they helped me to my bungalow where I remained for the rest of the night. The next morning, I thought to myself that if this is how my holiday is beginning, this is going to be interesting!!!