If it has ever crossed your mind how I came to be on this island, I will tell you. Last year I met the lovely, kind hearted Catherine Bradley. Catherine and I shared lots of laughs, motorbike rides, and a couple of dinners on the beach. As they say, the rest is history! We kept in touch via social media (gotta love it!) and she had mentioned this beach. So when she invited me, I gladly accepted.
As this vacation approached I remember thinking, on more than one occasion, how I wished time would slow down. In my mind, the quicker December 26th came, the sooner my vacation would come to an end. I wanted to revel in the anticipation of the unknown just a while longer. The time came and I am here.
The views are stunning. A view like this undoubtedly came with a price. I am not at a 5 star resort. I am not at a WiFi equipped facility. I am in a one room bungalow with no, I repeat NO, hot water! Yep, I see ants, other crawling creatures, and I have monkeys in my backyard! Damn Gina! Talk about simple living! This may be harder than I anticipated but it’s cool, I got this. Side note: if you are looking to do a beautiful beach vacation on a shoestring budget, I know just the place!
On a serious note, this place is what I needed. Being here has allowed me to stop, be still, and rest my mind. Let me put it like this, I’m on an island where it almost seems offensive to ask the time! I wake up each morning before sunrise and get in the hammock. I lay in that hammock for hours looking out at the big blue sea, thinking about absolutely nothing; grateful and thankful for everything. With the passing of each day, those things that I once deemed important, aren’t such anymore. Being able to experience life like this…invaluable.