Can all experiences be put into words? I’m starting to believe otherwise. As I lay in my hotel room in Bangkok, reflecting on my time spent on a “magical beach”, I had a hard time summarizing my Koh Phangan experience. I arrived on this island with no expectation, but somehow it exceeded in every way.
I had the opportunity to become acquainted with a place where the sane, insane, happy, sad, or indifferent co-existed seamlessly. Well, at least while I was there. Everyone did what they wanted, how they wanted, without being intrusive. I now understand why people come back to this anomaly, year after year. This beach is beautiful because of the exceptional scenery and unbelievable views, but this beach is made special by the people. While on Koh Phangan, I crossed paths with some fascinating people.

If you know me, you know that I thoroughly enjoy conversing with people; trying to visualize their unique journey. I find myself in constant amazement when our lives intersect. To know the paths we’ve taken in our respective lives have led us to a place where we meet is pretty awesome. Especially, when it is half way around the world! I know my steps; I want to know theirs. It deepens my understanding of the human experience. It is a blessing to realize that essentially, we are all the same.

Me and the girls


Frode is a cool, cool guy


Piña colada time


One of the many funny moments with James


Charlie and his Angels


Dan was an unexpected surprise. He became my unofficial guide to exploring the island of Koh Phangan.


Nic made that lovely bikini top for Catherine for her birthday. Beautiful.


Lou, oh Lou. One of the most thoughtful people I have met. Such a sweet spirit (until she gets hungry!).


Massimo and I sharing a moment


Piña colada time again


Catherine, oh Catherine. I shall see you again, same place same time.