In my last post, “Island of Smiles”, I not only told you what made ‘magical beach’ special, I showed you. Now, I will wholeheartedly strive to articulate the scenery and views, which give rise to the beauty of ‘magical beach’.
Each morning, my internal clock would wake me shortly before sunrise. I initially attributed this to jet lag, the time difference, and being in a new place. I didn’t mind because I took pleasure in an occurrence that I had taken for granted in the past.


I would lay in the hammock facing east, dozing, having the sun kiss me awake, suggesting I turn and face west. While stationary, I would admire the clear blue sky, the deep green jungle, and the ocean that contained shades of both. I never grew tired of the view nor the musical arrangement produced by the waves rolling onto the beach. It was amazingly peaceful. I guess one can never tire of peace.
I would later be driven by the desire to see the breathtaking views this island had to offer.



Dan, who so graciously volunteered his time, agreed to take a few of us on a hike to a view point he believed to be one of the best on the island. Dan, Frode, and I trekked the not so visible path, being infrequently directed by signs that were either painted on rock or made out of sticks.



My excitement was initiated by the thought of seeing a most wondrous site. The fact that I couldn’t turn back, there was no distinguishable path, after getting halfway there kept me going. I was hot, drenched from sweat, and just plain out of breath. This was no walk in the park.

My look at the beginning of the hike


My look halfway there….glasses off, shirt wet, face red, no more smile


After an hour and a half of ‘are we there yet’, beyond the overgrown shrubbery, this is what I was blessed to see.



Sitting on top of Koh Phangan


I’m staying riiiiiight here


The viewpoint, that rock peeking out in the middle, from across the beach.


Me and the boys


Dan did not lie about this view point. Actually, as I would come to find out, if Dan said it, believe it.